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Repair Cam Phaser Tick and Knock Calgary - Bonnybrook Auto

Need to Repair a Cam Phaser Tick and Knock?

So you have been told your Ford Truck has a Cam Phaser problem, correct? There is a ticking and knocking that's slowly driving you insane, right? You are worried about the health of your engine, as well as how your friends/family view you as a truck owner, are we right?

Nobody in their right mind would drive around proudly in their nice Ford Truck while it has a nagging knocking or ticking engine, right? Well, now that we've agreed on that...what can you do about it?

Franchise dealerships would have you believe the only solutions are to either replace the Cam Phasers or to replace your whole engine. Who has the extra cash for that!? Not everyone, that's for sure!Why not find a better solution?

Here at Bonnybrook Auto Sales & Service in Calgary, Alberta, we have a lot of experience in actually REPAIRING your Ford Cam Phasers to get you back on the road quickly and with a fuller wallet than your other options of handling this Cam Phaser Lockout.

If you are in Calgary or around Alberta and believe this may be your issue, please don't feel it is necessary to get an entirely new engine.That is exactly what many dealers may tell you.First, bring it to us at Bonnybrook Auto Sales & Service - the Cam Phaser Specialists!

You can reach us by calling 1-888-346-0596 or by filling in the online form to the right of this page and clicking "submit".We look forward to helping you!

If you would like to educate yourself more about your Variable Camshaft Timing, which was developed by Ford, you can follow the Wikipedia link in this sentence.

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