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Lubrico Warranty FAQs


Where and when can I buy Lubrico Warranty coverage for my vehicle?

Lubrico Warranties are available for purchase from Bonnybrook Auto Sales at the time of purchase of a vehicle, or prior to the expiration of an existing Factory Warranty. The type and term of coverage must be chosen and an application filled out as part of the vehicle transaction.

How much does Lubrico Warranty coverage cost?

The cost of a Lubrico Warranty will depend on the type of coverage selected, the age of the vehicle you are purchasing/leasing, and its odometer reading at the time of purchase/lease. Your Authorized Selling Dealer can advise you of which programs are available to you, as well as their associated costs.

My vehicle is still covered by the Manufacturer's Warranty. Can I purchase Lubrico Warranty coverage to take effect when my Manufacturer's Warranty expires?

Yes! This is the only occasion when you can purchase a Lubrico Warranty separately to the purchase of the vehicle. At any time prior to the expiry of the Manufacturer's Warranty you can purchase a Lubrico Warranty from Bonnybrook Auto Sales - located just across the road from Centre Street Church. Depending on the type of coverage still in effect from the manufacturer, we have several types and terms of coverage that may be available on your vehicle.

How does the "Claims-Free Double Your Term" work?

Quite simply - "If you don't use it, you won't lose it!" If you purchased a vehicle after September 1, 2010 and a 2, 3 or 4 year Lubrico Warranty and don't have a claim during the term of the warranty, you're eligible for a second equal term for only $149 + applicable tax(es). The following conditions apply:

  • The original warranty must have no claims paid/authorized/pending against it.
  • This offer is only available to the original warranty purchaser.
  • The customer obligations of your original warranty must be adhered to as per the Terms & Conditions.
  • You must contact Lubrico Warranty just prior to the expiration (in time or mileage, whichever occurs first) of the original warranty term to activate the second term.
  • A current oil change receipt may be required at the activation of the second term.
  • The second warranty term has no cash value and is non-cancellable and non-transferable.
  • This offer is not available on warranty renewals or transfers.


What confirmation do I receive from Lubrico Warranty regarding my coverage?

At the time of purchase, you should be given a copy of the application for coverage which contains important information in case you need to contact Lubrico. You should receive documents from Lubrico within approximately twenty-one (21) days of purchase. This package contains a processed copy of the application, confirming the type and term of coverage in place, as well as a Welcoming Letter and a folder for your oil change records. If you have not received this information from Lubrico within the 21-day period, contact both Lubrico and your Selling Dealer immediately.

When does my coverage take effect?

Lubrico Warranty Inc. is pleased to give our customers first-day coverage- it takes effect the day you purchase your vehicle!

Is my Lubrico Warranty transferable/renewable?

Most of our warranty programs are both transferable to a new owner of the covered vehicle, and renewable for a further term, provided the vehicle is still eligible for coverage. To find out more specific information, please contact us at 1-866-638-3025.

Is my Lubrico Warranty insured? How does that protect me?

Every Lubrico Warranty is fully insured by Northbridge General Insurance Corporation, a subsidiary of Northbridge Financial Corporation. This simply means that, in the unlikely event that Lubrico Warranty Inc. is unable to fulfill its obligations under the Terms and Conditions of the contract, every contract would be honoured by Northbridge General. While this is not required in most provinces, it is something Lubrico Warranty Inc. has voluntarily implemented for added "peace of mind" for both consumers and dealers.


What do your programs cover?

Lubrico Warranty Inc. offers various types of programs providing different levels of coverage. Consult with your Authorized Selling Dealer to determine which programs are available on the vehicle you are purchasing/leasing. For detailed parts coverage, we suggest that you read the "Coverage" section on the back of your warranty application; this outlines in detail parts that are covered, as well as other details such as the deductible, how to make a claim, and things that are expressly not covered by the plan.

How do I claim under the coverage?

If you experience problems with your vehicle that you think may be covered by your Lubrico Warranty, contact our Claims Department immediately at 1-800-265-1510. We will then direct you to the appropriate Authorized Repair Centre in your area.

Where do I take my vehicle for servicing and repairs?

If you require repairs to your vehicle that are covered by your Lubrico Warranty, our Claims Department (1-800-265-1510) will refer you to an Authorized Repair Centre in your area. If the repairs are not covered by your plan, or if you require regular maintenance or servicing (e.g. oil change, tune-up), you may take your vehicle to the repair centre of your choice.

Can I get a list of service centres in my area who are authorized to do repairs for Lubrico?

Lubrico Warranty does not publish a list of Authorized Repair Centres, as our network of locations is always being updated. The type of vehicle you drive, the nature of the problem you are experiencing, and your current location must be considered when referring you to the most appropriate repair facility. If you require repairs that are covered by your plan, contact our Claims Department at 1-800-265-1510.

I require roadside assistance - What should I do?

Our Roadside Assistance is reimbursement-based. We do not dispatch a service vehicle, since it is often faster for you to contact someone local to you. After you have obtained service covered under our Roadside Assistance (winching, gas delivery, lockout service etc.), please contact our office to arrange for the reimbursement, subject to the Terms & Conditions of the Lubrico Warranty coverage.

It's after your regular operating hours and I'm having a problem with my vehicle - What should I do?

Lubrico Warranty is here to serve you from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time from Monday to Friday.

If you have a problem with your vehicle outside of our normal business hours, but it is still safe to drive it, we ask that you contact us on the next business day for assistance. If, however, the vehicle is unsafe to drive or is disabled, for safety's sake please contact a local towing provider and make arrangements to have your vehicle towed to a reputable local facility. They should contact our Claims Department on our next business day.

If the problem with your vehicle is relatively minor (eg. alternator, starter, etc.) and you are able to have it repaired prior to our next business day (for example, on a Saturday), it is acceptable to authorize and pay for the repair yourself, and then contact us on the next business day for assistance with reimbursement for the repair. Provided the diagnosis and repairs are reasonable, we would be happy to assist with the cost of the repair, based on normal industry pricing standards, and subject to the Terms & Conditions of your Lubrico Warranty coverage.

In the event of a major mechanical breakdown (eg. engine, transmission, etc.) it is important to call our office on the next business day, BEFORE any work has been started. Please note that, due to scheduling and parts supply, it is doubtful that any major repairs could be completed during the short time periods our office is closed.

Why do you require that I have an oil change done every 6 months or 10,000 km? What if the Owner's Manual for my vehicle has a different interval?

While some manufacturers may specify oil change intervals that are less frequent than our 6 month/10,000 km (whichever occurs first) requirement, it is our opinion that excessive time or distance between oil changes is not in the best long term interest of your vehicle.

In our 35+ years of repair experience, we have seen many vehicle engines suffer a premature failure as the result of prior poor maintenance practices. Furthermore, by the time any failures occur that are a result of insufficient oil changes, the manufacturer who is recommending longer intervals is no longer accepting responsibility for the breakdowns.

A regular inspection and the maintaining of proper fluid levels (which are part of a regular oil change service) will help make your vehicle safer, more reliable, will prevent avoidable breakdowns, and will help protect the value of your vehicle into the future.

I prefer to service my vehicle every 3 months or 5,000 km - Is this OK?

Absolutely! The 6 month/10,000 km (whichever occurs first) oil change intervals that we require are the minimum. Most vehicles will benefit greatly from more frequent services.

Do you require any other maintenance to keep my warranty valid?

Our only maintenance requirements are oil changes, as well as the maintenance of all other fluids at a proper level. Your manufacturer or servicing facility may recommend other maintenance procedures, and although not required as part of your warranty obligations, having them performed may also help protect your vehicle.

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