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Cost to Repair Cam Phaser Calgary - Bonnybrook Auto

What is the Cost To Repair my Cam Phaser?

If you are on this page, it is safe to assume you have already figured out what that knocking or Ticking Sound is in your Ford F150. It can get really annoying, can't it? Now the question is... what is this going to run you?

Since every job can be its own unique situation, it is difficult to throw an exact pricing up on our website that applies to everyone... all of the time. Know that most other dealerships won't even tell you that repairing the Cam Phasers is an option. Here at Bonnybrook Auto Sales & Service in Calgary, Alberta, we tell you straight-up that a lot of the time, we can save you the cost of replacing the Cam Phasers or, the alternative, your entire engine! The savings are quite significant.

If you are really hung-up on pricing, feel free to call us at 1-888-346-0596 or you can fill in the online form to the right of this page and clicking "submit". We can ball-park it for you once we have established what the specifics of your situation are. We look forward to helping you!

If you would like to educate yourself more about your vehicle's Variable Camshaft Timing, which was developed by Ford, you can follow the Wikipedia link in this sentence.

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