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Bonnybrook Auto Sales


Looking for the Best AWD SUV in Calgary?

Bonnybrook Auto Sales has a great selection of the best AWD SUVs in Calgary at affordable prices.

When winter's wrath hits hard, a car with all-wheel drive is your best bet to help navigate the roads safely. All-wheel drive (AWD) feeds power to all four wheels and provides maximum forward traction. It is especially helpful in wintry conditions and when driving over moderate off-road terrain. Its lightness and compactness makes AWD the system of choice for cars and crossovers.

If you're considering a AWD SUV and live in Calgary where the roads are covered with ice, snow, or other traction challenges, take a look at the models below to find the best AWD SUV for you:

Those accustomed to winter driving can understand the importance of having the appropriate car. The AWD SUV is the best way to go. When all four tires are working to move a car forward, each requires less traction. When one tire does slip, there are three more to shoulder the load, not just one. That, in a nutshell, is why all-wheel drive is good in the snow, and why they are so popular in Calgary, Alberta and Canada.