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Bonnybrook Auto Sales

Bad Credit or No Credit Car Loan in Calgary

Looking for a Bad Credit or No Credit Car Loan in Calgary?

Bonnybrook Auto Sales is one of the best Used Car Dealerships to get a Bad or No Credit Car Loans for you in Calgary.

We can help you if you have bad credit, poor credit, or no credit at all with our auto loan and credit rebuilding program. We understand that a variety of reasons can cause your credit score take a turn for the worst. This does not mean you can't get the auto loan and the vehicle you need... or the chance to rebuild your credit.

Regardless of your credit history, we will work with you to come up with the auto financing option that meet your needs.

We can approve:

  • Write Offs
  • Closed Accounts
  • No Credit
  • History of Bad Credit
  • Multiple Collections
  • Missed Credit Card
  • Previous Bankruptcy
  • Missed Loan Payments
  • New to Canada
  • Previous Repossession
  • Student Loans in Arrears
  • Consumer Proposal

Why do we offer sub-prime lending?

We know at Bonnybrook Auto Sales in Calgary, that the best way for you to repair and rebuild your credit rating is to make regular monthly payments on a car loan. This demonstrates that you are a reliable and less risky debtor.

With well over 20 years of experience, our finance specialists can analyze your situation and get you the car you need. No matter what your situation, our network of lenders ensure you the best possible financing options for your budget. We believe that everyone deserves a reliable vehicle to get around and take pride in helping our customers get the best car and truck loan rates. We guarantee approval whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit.

With a variety of used car warranty options available on all of our vehicles, Bonnybrook Auto Sales can protect your finances should something go wrong. Bad credit car loan financing is easy at Bonnybrook Auto Sales. Complete our secure online credit application today and we can have you approved for an auto loan on the same day.


Are you new to Canada and need a car loan but you keep getting rejected because you have NO CREDIT HISTORY? Bonnybrook Auto Sales can help you get an auto loan with no credit in Calgary, although you do have the minimum credit score or no credit history we can still get you your first Canadian auto loan!

What makes us different? Why get a car loan with no credit from Bonnybrook Auto?

While most major banks or new car dealerships would say to new immigrants they have no credit history so they cannot get the auto loan, even if they have a significant amount of down payment, Bonnybrook Auto Sales would say "you are approved for a No Credit Car Loan in Calgary". We understand that no credit history simply means that you have no credit records in this country, this is a big red flag for most lending institutions since they have no idea if you are a good client that will pay them back on time and therefore unwilling to take a chance on your loan. Don't worry we will take that chance with our No credit lending solutions available at Bonnybrook Auto Sales.


At Bonnybrook Auto we are not like the major financial institutions; we are affiliated with private investors who have all been in your position. We are able to provide and specialize in high risk car loans with a lower approval requirement than the banks. This would also help you to build credit in Canada, since all of our no credit auto loans are reported back to the credit reporting agencies so that you will be building your credit score with each car loan payment you make.

Requirements for NO CREDIT AUTO LOAN

  1. You must be employed for at least 3 months

  2. Proof of income (pay-stubs, letter of employment)

  3. Valid Canadian License or International License

  4. Proof of Address (utility bill, driver's license)

You can also fill out our Online Credit Application.

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