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The Best New Cars for Small Families

The Best New Cars for Small Families

Starting a family entails many factors that you did not anticipate before, and finding the right car for you and your little ones is one of them. The concept of a family car may vary from one country to another, but the initial image that you might picture as a “family car” is a huge sedan or minivan with space to buckle in several car seats for the children.

However, over the past decades, family cars have become less bulky in size and more stylish in looks. They have expanded the interiors and you can even see many medium-sized SUVs out there with seven-seat options.

We will list down some of the best new cars on the market that will tick all the boxes for a small family, giving priority to safety and space.

Kia Optima

This mid-sized 4-door convertible car came to the market in the early 2000’s. It has a comfortably spacious interior with plenty of leg-room in both the front and the rear. As for its exterior looks, you get the brand’s special tiger nose grille and overall sleek and stylish looks. There are three different models – Si and GT. There are also many smart features such as remote locks and remote climate control with the recent models. You will have decent fuel efficiency with the cars with 2.4i petrol and 2.0-liter turbo petrol varieties. It is a stylish and efficient car both as a brand new addition to your family, or if you are looking for Calgary used cars that provide good value.

Hyundai Imax

Hyundai is well-known worldwide as a brand that makes amazing family cars. This huge eight-seater van comes in both manual and automatic varieties. Driving the car is smooth and closer to a van more than a car. There is plenty of luggage capacity which is often a must when you have to travel long distances with your little ones. It is simply pleasant and safe to drive and will keep both the driver and the passengers happy. They are somewhat higher in price when compared to cars specifically geared towards small families, but they are a great long term investment since they are in demand among Calgary used car dealers as well.


Also known as Mazda Axela in some countries, this compact car comes in both 4 door sedan and 5 door hatchback body styles. This car is often ranked as one of the best compact cars according to various aspects including its safety, space and fuel efficiency. Since this is a small car, it is ideal for a family of four or less. You can comfortably secure two car seats in the rear and the front seats offer a good leg space for the adults. Additionally, it is one of the most affordable cars for sale in Calgary, with a great resale value and lasting durability. If you are a family that is always on the road, the car comes with a decent three-year warranty for unlimited kilometers as well.

Kia Sportage

This stylish compact crossover SUV is another great family vehicle due to the comfort and versatility that it offers. You get an outstanding fuel mileage from the vehicle, and several different style options with Si, SLi and GT-Line models. If high end safety is something that you seriously consider when it comes to buying a vehicle, you get plenty of new safety features with Kia Sportage including cruise control. You also get a quiet interior at highway speeds with this attractive vehicle.

Hyundai Elantra

This is a premium sporty car that is stylish and convenient for a small family. It comes with energy-saving LED lights and many similar features to make the experience of driving it quite efficient and enjoyable. Hyundai Elantra, especially the newer editions have plenty of smart features. The innovation in this stylish model goes beyond its surface. There are cameras, ultrasonic sensors, radars and a sophisticated network that is quite innovative which will work as another set of eyes for you when you drive or park the car.

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