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Safety Features & Considerations You Shouldn’t Overlook

Safety Features & Considerations You Shouldn’t Overlook

Buying a car requires a person to make the right choice. At times, making the right choice may seem difficult, especially when you are overwhelmed with choices. Nonetheless, safety should be a priority when you are considering buying a new or used car. To obtain a car with optimal safety, you should evaluate overall safety features. In many cases, these features range from how the car performs in an emergency to how it protects occupants in a collision. Additionally, you need to assess how easy it is to secure a child seat while on the road.


When comparing vehicles, it is crucial to examine all the appropriate variables, including safety- associated ratings and features. Below is a list of some key safety checks that are worth reviewing before making a final decision to purchase.


Electronic stability control (ESC)


In many countries around the world, ESC is mandatory in all vehicles manufactured after September 1, 2011. Some manufacturers incorporated the ESC in many used vehicles manufactured since 2006. According to used car dealers in Calgary, the ESC feature helps drivers in maintaining control of their vehicle, especially on a slippery road or during an emergency. ESC works by selectively applying the vehicle’s brakes. Moreover, it reduces the engine’s power to keep it moving in the driver’s intended direction and therefore preventing loss of control.


Anti-Lock Brakes


During winter, driving to your destination may be a daunting experience. However, you will not have to worry if your car has the anti-lock brake feature. This feature helps to give you more control by preventing wheels from locking. In turn, you can maintain steering ability and avoid skidding while you apply brakes.


Airbag Technology


An airbag system is one of the most prevalent safety features in a car. Over the years, air bags have evolved and improved due to technological advancements. When buying a car, you should be keen to check this safety feature. Notably, even used car dealers are always keen to check whether a car has the airbag system to make better proceeds from a sale. Airbags prevent crash severity to the occupants of the driver and passenger in the front seat. Curtain side airbags are also highly recommended because they protect passengers from side collisions.


Active Head Restraints


Most drivers identify active head restraints as an important safety feature in a car. Notably, a well-designed head restraint that is adjusted at the proper height reduces head injuries by about 45 percent. They also assist in significantly reducing the risk of injuries to the soft tissues, neck, and back during a crash.


Parking Cameras and Sensors


Cameras and sensors are a great solution to assist in parking your car without denting it. More so, they are an additional set of eyes for your car safety. If anything comes up while you are reversing or driving forward, they will alert you of any barrier that may cause trouble. In fact, it is also a safety feature for pedestrians at a zebra crossing. On the other hand, the cameras and sensors can alert you when probable risks are behind your car. Currently, most used car lots have cars with cameras and sensors as security features.


Warning Systems


The warning system includes a lane departure and forward crash systems that provide audio and visual cues such as flashing lights and alarms. This informs the driver of potential risks, and this helps to avoid a crash. Mainly, warning systems are new developing technologies that are available as a standard safety feature on many higher-end vehicles. However, some dealers avail them as an after-market add-on.


If you need assistance in obtaining and installing most of these safety features, get in touch with us at Bonnybrook Auto.

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