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Addressing The Top 5 Myths About Buying a Used Car

Addressing The Top 5 Myths About Buying a Used Car

Trust us when we say, you have what it takes to succeed at buying a used car. But there are some significant myths when it comes to used cars. These may cause a moment or two of doubt, which is why it is essential to clear these misconceptions. Continue reading to learn how you can put your skills into action, obliterate these myths below and become an owner of a used car.

Myth 1) It is too difficult to know if the offering price is reasonable.

Our tip here is, rely on the wisdom of the crowd. When it comes to knowing if the price of a used car reflects the value, you are not alone. For this reason, there are excellent websites that you can visit with easy-to-read statistics on the current value and resale value of nearly every make and model in North America. These websites, such as the Canadian Black Book are free and accessible, involving an easily searchable database that deals up the value facts.

Myth 2) The credit process is going to be worse and more frustrating.

You will want to place a premium on your time and money. So what does that mean exactly? This means that you will only engage in transactions that respect you, your time, and your money. This is valid no matter what your current score or down payment is. As a matter of fact, rebuilding your credit score is highly valuable and requires a credit process which enables you to achieve your goals. When you visit your dealership for used cars for sale in Calgary, you will be provided with an application. This will ask relevant questions that are easy to comprehend and respond to. The credit process will be transparent, and you will know who the lending company is. You will be fully informed of all your options.

Myth 3) Many used cars are risky “lemons.”

Firstly, remember that quality and reputation are backed up by action. When you visit Bonnybrook Auto, we take the time to answer your questions, as we know that anything less than full transparency is a deal-breaker. When you are interested in a car, the history (CarProof) reports, independent inspection documents, and the repair report will all be made readily available to you. No questions mean no hassle.

Myth 4) It is too difficult to make an investment that lasts.

False… You will want to purchase a car with a warranty, but you must also do your part. This means performing proper maintenance. When you are buying a used car in Calgary with a warranty that covers any surprise repairs, it will ensure you have quality work done when a big problem arises. Remember, routine maintenance is the surest resale value builder for any vehicle. Oil changes, tune-ups and minor fixes will keep your wheels on the road and value in your vehicle.

Myth 5) used cars are less safe.

When it comes to this myth, remember that a little bit of research goes a very long way…Every year, safety ranks near the top of the list of determining factors for people looking to purchase a car in Calgary. Over the past 20 years, there have been astonishing improvements in safety features in North American cars–these are engineered to last. You should always be able to trust the safety of your vehicle. We only feature vehicles that have passed a safety inspection, which means going home with the benefit of great safety features.

Quick Tips

Now that we have debunked those myths continue reading to learn some quick tips on buying a used car in Calgary.


  1. Do your research: While you research the car or truck you are interested in, take a look at some alternative vehicles. Read consumer reports, web reviews, plus car magazine comparisons, etc.


  1. Investigative: Thoroughly investigate the vehicle. Do not only fixate on the price. Take into consideration the vehicle’s mileage and history. Has it been in an accident before? Note, it is not always a bad thing if a car has been in an accident given that it was correctly fixed; it may end being a great deal.


  1. Financing: Ask yourself, “what is my monthly budget?” before you look at the vehicle be sure it will fit within that budget. When it comes to financing, you can go online and calculate what your monthly payment will be approximately for your vehicle of choice.

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