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A Check List for Buying a Used Car

A Check List for Buying a Used Car

Whether it is buying the first car for your teen or making a better financial decision not to be too much in debt, buying a used car can be a very smart decision if done right. Buying a used car also helps minimize the value deprecation of a car, since generally, a car loses up to 30% of its value simply within the first year of use, no matter how careful the owner is with it.


Apart from the reduction in the principal cost, when it comes to buying a Calgary used car, you will be reducing a significant amount of insurance costs and registrations fees as well. Now that you have made a calculated decision to go for a used car, rather than buying new, following is a handy checklist that you can use to make your final decision on which car to buy.

Licensing of the dealer

Many issues when it comes to buying a used car can be resolved simply by making sure you go to an authorized and well-reputed dealer. Check if they have an AMVIC – Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council - license, which is a requirement for all the credible dealers of used cars in Calgary. They have professionals who will check to make sure that the car is in the best condition possible, which will negate the need to do the checkups that are later in this checklist.

Vehicle identification number

This is a number that is given to the vehicle when it was initially registered. You can use this number to check if the details given to you including the make, model and history of ownership are accurate. If any of the documents you get from the dealer are forged in any way, checking the VIN will help you not get scammed.


The engine is the heart of your car and should be treated as such with a thorough checkup before you purchase it. Check if it has any leaks, the level of the oil and finally the overall condition.


Too many used car salesmen lie to the buyers about the mileage of the car. If you feel skeptical about the mileage, it is always better to go for a different option since the car can be more damaged and worn than it seems.

Owner’s manual and legal documents

This is a basic requirement that should be given close attention. See if all the documents are in order since it can be a lengthy legal process to sort them out if you do not have clear documents from the beginning.

Service history

The service history of a car shows how well it was taken care of. If it was roughly maintained, chances are you will have to pay extra in the long run for additional repairs and replacements.


Thoroughly examine the tread depth of the wheels, the condition of the rubber and also every single tire. Bad quality wheels affect the overall durability and safety of the vehicle.

Gears, brake, clutch

A properly used car should always have a smooth gear change. Listen to the sounds and feel the smoothness of the brake and clutches.


Spend more time checking the interior of the car, not only for the aesthetic value but also the performance of all the electronics.


Look at any visible wear and tear. Use a torch to check underneath of the vehicle as well.

Talk to a professional

It is important to note that no matter how thorough you think you can be, there are many things that your eyes can miss. It is always worth it to hire a professional to do a quick check-up for you before you make the final decision.

Test drive

Take your time in the test drive, do not rush and check every aspect of the vehicle until you are fully satisfied with it.

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