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Car Warranties in Calgary, Alberta

What's the deal with Vehicle Warranties?


After a house, cars are usually the next most expensive thing that people buy. This is for a lot of reasons – they have plenty of complicated moving parts; they are precisely manufactured in high-tech facilities; they are built to last in extreme temperature ranges, for many years – and because of that fact, it’s important to protect your investment for as long as you can.

Living in a city with plenty of stop-and-start driving, tough weather conditions, or potentially long daily commutes, it’s a fact of life that some parts are going to wear out.  That’s why modern new vehicles come with a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty that protects customers in such an event. While this is great news for the person buying a brand-new car, it also means that – depending on the age or the mileage of the vehicle – the next owner may not get any benefit from it at all! Since those warranties usually only cover five years or 100,000 km on the engine (whichever comes first), if you’re buying a vehicle that doesn’t come in under one of those limits, you’re out of luck if you run into trouble on the road.

So what’s the smart buyer to do?

The first thing to do is to make sure you understand the different types of warranties, and what coverage they include. One of the most common, and most needed, warranty packages involves the powertrain – the parts of the engine that transfer energy to the axles and keep you moving. This system requires finely tuned pieces, and is exposed to a lot of heat and cold, dirt, and motion – meaning it gets the full brunt of exposure to less-than-optimal conditions. Another warranty type includes reimbursements for roadside assistance, such as towing or boosting, in the event of a breakdown away from home. Very helpful! A third type covers such systems as electronics, brakes, suspension, fuel lines, steering, and supplementary mechanical parts. And yet another level can make sure you have access to car rentals, lowered claim amounts, zero deductibles, and other financial benefits.

Once you know what kind of coverage you have (for example, if the original warranty still covers the powertrain when you buy a pre-owned car, but nothing else), then you can decide what else you need. Having a warranty in place removes the stress of unexpected costs on your vehicle, especially during high-risk driving seasons like winter, when you are already extremely busy with the holidays. By getting a warranty with your vehicle from Bonnybrook Auto Sales, you can protect your wallet and your ride – no matter what situation you find yourself in.

We have an assortment of seven Lubrico warranties that you can choose from, each suited to the different needs of different drivers. You simply buy it at the same time as your vehicle and it’s effective the same day. Then, if you ever need work done that is covered by it, bring it back to Bonnybrook Auto Sales at 244 40 Ave NE in Calgary (across from the Centre St church) and we’ll have you back on the road in no time. To find out more, call our service department at 1-888-346-0596 and we’ll be happy to help!

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