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Auto Loans vs. Personal Loans

When you are deciding on how to purchase a new vehicle you may find there are plenty of options available. Two great options are auto loans and personal loans. While each is a great choice, every person will have an optimal choice based on his or her current financial situation. This is why it is so important to research all options and analyze your personal situation to make the best decision before visiting Calgary

Auto Loan

As opposed to a personal loan, an auto loan is attached to the purchase of your vehicle. This deals with worse case scenario. In the case you are unable to meet the payments, you may have your car repossessed. This situation can be completely fine for some individuals who are confident they will be able to pay each payment on time and in full. However, for some individuals who may not have the resources or certainty to make every payment should consider the long-term disadvantages if they were to neglect a payment.

Personal Loan

Personal loans are highly desired for a number of reasons, but they are much more difficult to get. Personal loans can be used for anything and do not necessarily need to primarily go to the purchase of a vehicle. When buying a car with a personal loan you will not need to attach your car to the loan. Which means if you miss payments or neglect to pay you will not lose your vehicle. For individuals who need their car to work, this can be a great option. The challenge is personal loans are typically only approved for those with excellent credit and credit history.

Which Option is Best For You?

This may mean you need to do some research on your chances of obtaining a personal loan as well as analyzing your current financial situation. You should also consider future circumstances and how that can affect your ability to pay off these loans.

As mentioned, many individuals require a car to get to work while others can share a vehicle with a spouse or friend. Consider this risk when deciding between the two loans. Is your job secured? Are you confident you will be able to meet the monthly payments? Feel confident discussing your situation with Calgary and making a plan that works for you.