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10 Things to Know When Buying a Used Car

Making the decision to purchase a used car can be exciting. There are lots of factors to consider when selecting the perfect vehicle. You also want to make sure you are visiting a reliably used car dealership. In order to do that look out for these 10 red flags when on your search.

1. Unlicensed Dealer

You may be unaware that used car dealerships require a license to sell cars. An unlicensed dealer is a red flag and you can report them. They may have more unethical practices so this may be a good reason to walk away.

2. Do You See What I See?

Are you only able to view a car in poor lighting or at night? Does something seem odd about the transparency of this car? This is a sign the dealer could be hiding some damage done to the car. If circumstances do not allow you to see the car in good lighting, as for the registration, a test drive and the history of the vehicle.

3. New Paint Jobs

If a car looks like it just had a paint job this probably means it just had some major bodywork done. Inquire why that could be and consider the price and value of the car if this is the case.

4. Signs of Repair

If you notice parts of the car do not necessarily line up or certain parts look newer then others, ask about the history of the car. There may have been a minor fender bender or a major accident. This red flag lets you know you may need to do more research before purchasing.

5. Restricted Road Test

If you ask the dealer to do a road test with the car and they refuse, especially without a good reason, then this is cause to walk away. It is a common courtesy and why should you trust a dealer that won't trust you?

6. Odd Puddles or Odors

Does there seem to be weird puddles around the car or strange oil or gas smells coming off of it? You do not need to be a mechanic to know something is up. Check if it is coming from the used car you are considering.

7. Unorganized Office Space

If the office of a dealer looks unorganized, outdated, and a wreck then are you going to feel confident driving away in one of their cars? This is not about the success of the business, as much as it is about how they run their business.

8. Foreign Car Noises

If you do get to experience a test drive and find the car making strange or foreign noises this can be a cause for concern. Especially if the dealer is ignoring the noises or is not upfront with possible issues. Trust your gut and walk away.

9. Do You Smell Pine?

It is common for used car dealerships to clean the inside of a used car, but excessive pine smell or odor spray may be an indication there is smoke or mold damage deep within the interior.

10. Buy right NOW!

If you feel a dealer is pushing you to buy, more so then just a regular car salesman, this can be an indication of concern, especially if it is a particular car. You should be allowed plenty of time to research when buying a car. So consider this a red flag.

Making the decision to purchase a used car can be an exciting one. You should be given full transparency of the vehicle and feel confident you are buying a great car for a great price. These warning signs prevent you from doing that.