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Best SUV - Bonnybrook Auto Sales

Looking for the Best SUV in Calgary?

Bonnybrook Auto Sales and Service is the place to go in Calgary for great prices on the Best SUV's.

SUV's are very popular because of their large cabins and higher ride height. Other features that make them so popular in Calgary is their greater towing capabilities than cars, and they can haul trailers, travel trailers and boats. The increased ground clearance is useful in a Calgary climate where there is lots of snow.

All our SUV's go through a extensive safety inspection and include a comprehensive warranty making Bonnybrook Auto Sales a great place to purchase an SUV.

Browse our SUV inventory below:

Other reason SUVs appeal to Calgarians is because they offer space and height, which means that getting child seats, buggies and other family equipment in and out with ease. The raised ride height also means that getting into and out of an SUV is easier for older people or those with mobility issues. The view of the road is generally better, too, because you can see over the top of regular cars and hatchbacks. Bonnybrook Auto Sales is your best SUV choice.