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Student Car Loan Calgary - Bonnybrook Auto Sales & Service


Need a student car loan in Calgary but got rejected because you are a student with no job and you have no credit history? Bonnybrook Auto can help since we have been providing car loans for students in Calgary for many years. You may be a College Graduate with no job, an unemployed non-graduate, or even a High School Student in need of a car loan... and we can help! Contact Bonnybrook Auto and we can make sure that students of all ages are able to get the car they want at an affordable interest rate.

Most banks will not approve a car loan for people who have no credit or new credit, since there is no credit history to base the loan on they do not know if you have the ability to repay the loan, so they would rather refuse you than take the chance. We at Bonnybrook Auto are not like most banks! Apply for a Student Car Loan with our easy, no hassle application process.


At Bonnybrook Auto we can grant you a loan based on your financial situation, not your credit history, through our affiliation with private investors with your best interest at hand. To help you build credit, each payment would be recorded on your credit report and increase your credit score. In most instances these new credit auto loans would allow you to establish credit within six to ten months once payments are not missed and are on time.

Things to consider when getting a STUDENT CAR LOAN without a job:

  1. Open a Bank Account - this shows your ability to the lender to manage money.

  2. Cosigner - your cosigner must have a good credit history and is approached by the lender in the event of your default on the loan. In this instance the lender's risk gets reduced to a great extent and therefore qualifying for an auto loan is easier for you.

  3. Start Saving - you can qualify for a lower rate of interest and flexible student auto loan repayment terms if you pay a substantial amount of down payment.

  4. Timely Payments - Make sure that you make timely repayments to start building a good credit history right from the beginning. Good credit history could make you eligible for better interest rate for future auto loans.

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