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Bonnybrook Auto in Calgary - 2002 Chrysler Concorde LXi Sedan


Well, kind of. In 2002, the Chrysler Concorde had dropped its LHS clothing for a new look.

All 3 different Chrysler Concorde models had taken on the beautiful front and rear look from the Chrysler LHS. There was not an LHS available that year, at least not in that exact name. The LHS nameplate has been let go, so you wouldn't see any 2002 LHS models in the Chrysler showrooms. Instead, you'd have seen a Concorde LTD. The new Concorde Limited model featured the higher-rated trim level of the LHS. This wasn't as complicated for Chrysler as it sounded. The rich-looking LHS shared some underpinnings and a lot of its hardware with the full-sized Chrysler Concorde. They also shared some of the same stylings.

Regardless of what they decided to call it, this design still cut a nice profile. That was quite a feat, seeing as this was the fourth year of the design. Chrysler had been on the leading edge of design for a few years in a row, and this Concorde is a perfect example of this. A lot of cars, especially those with more risky designs, tend to look rather dated after just a few years... but this is not one of them. The bold grill and smooth lines still look terrific today. With all of this taken in to consideration, still... the sleek design does not prevent the 2002 Chrysler Concorde from being a practical car with a comfortable, roomy interior.

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