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2000 Mercedes Benz ML430 SUV Bonnybrook Auto Calgary


So What Was The Deal With The 2000 Mercedes Benz ML430 SUV?

The SUV luxury segment of the industry is always competitive, and the 2000 Mercedes Benz ML430 was right in the thick of it. The M-Series was introduced in 1998, and had gotten more powerful by the time the year 2000 rolled around. It added a V8 engine and that caused many of the other competitive SUVs to up their games as far as power and styling went.

Exterior - Some people said that a large downside to this year's model was how it resembled something a soccer mom might be driving her kids to practice in. They wanted a more edgy appeal to it. Other SUVs were leaning toward sharper corners and emphasized creases. Mercedes-specific headlights on the ML430 taper down into its signature grille, while the hood slopes up to a steeply raked windshield. Benz designed the M-Class with a low frame and low bumpers - that way it is less likely to override a tinier car in the event of an accident. The ML430s doors are quite wide and tall, which makes climbing in and out of the SUV easy, while the back hatch swings up high so that those tall grocery-loading boys at the supermarket won't hit their heads. A solid roof rack, able to hold up to 220lbs, comes standard, as are body-coloured bumpers, side cladding, door handles and outside mirrors. Big 17", 55-series tires (all-season) also come standard on the ML430 SUV, and mated to a set of spoked alloy wheels.

Interior - Big, solid front bucket seats give the driver ample support, while grab handles over every door make access easier for you. Storage space includes a sliding drawer under the front passenger seat, a deep bin in the center console, as well as map pockets in the bottom of each door. An optional third-row seat was new for 2000, giving this M-Class the ability to carry up to an impressive seven passengers. Also new is a navigation system (which is standard) consisting of a video screen in the dash that is linked to the sound system in which a map CD can also be used. Softer materials on the dash and door panel surfaces are another new feature for 2000. Standard features in the Mercedes Benz ML430 in the year 2000 include climate control, power windows, mirrors and door locks, cruise control, a HomeLink system, heated/power front seats, keyless entry, auto-dimming mirrors, variable-speed wipers and leather upholstery.

On Road - The powertrain that comes with the ML430 is a 4.3L V8 that uses a single overhead camshift that is more efficient and economical than past designs, and has three valves per cylinder. New in 2000 is software that gives buyers of 2000 model year M-Class SUVs free routine maintenance for the first 4-years or 50,000 miles. The 4.3 liter V8 in the ML430 develops 268hp and 288 lb-ft of torque. Power comes on smoothly with a sexy V8 exhaust note coming from the tail pipe. Mated to this is a smooth-shifting five-speed auto transmission and full-time 4WD. This system is unique in that it uses three open differentials to deliver power evenly throughout the system. It also has a button-controlled low range.

Behind The Wheel - The ML430 SUV rides on a full frame chassis and its four-wheel independent multi-link suspension is an almost completely unique feature in the SUV universe. Even with its high center of gravity, the handling is without-a-doubt above the average for any vehicle, let alone an SUV. Benz's own Electronic Stability Program works with the ML430's ABS to help reduce the chance of oversteering or understeering. The ML430 carried enlarged four-wheel disc brakes that utilize the vented rotors on every corner. The brakes are larger than those on the V6-powered ML320 to better compensate for the potential higher speed.

Safety - Dual dashboard airbags, side-impact airbags, ABS, ESP and emergency seat belt retractors are standard.

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